Long Range Planning Projects

Active Long Range Planning Efforts

Housing and Safety Element Updates

The City is in the process of preparing an update to the Housing Element and Safety Element of the General Plan. The purpose of the Housing Element is to ensure that the existing and future housing needs for all Union City residents are met by identifying the City’s housing goals, policies, and programs. State law requires that there must also be an update to the Safety Element upon each revision of the housing element to identify new information relating to flood and fire hazards and climate adaptation and resiliency strategies. Planning for these efforts simultaneously will result in a more comprehensive and holistic approach to housing, safety and hazard planning, and climate change issues, as well as efficiencies related to outreach, environmental analysis and adoption and implementation efforts

Station District Specific Plan

The Station District is a 471-acre area surrounding the Union City Intermodal Station. Throughout 2020 and early 2021, the City will be working with stakeholders and community members to create an updated Specific Plan for the area. The “Station District Specific Plan” will ensure consistency with the recently-adopted Union City General Plan, while providing an opportunity to refine the vision, planning details, and implementation strategies for the Station District. The Specific Plan will address a range of topics including land use, urban design, transportation, infrastructure, open space, and community amenities for the different sub-areas of the Station District. The Union City General Plan envisions the Station District as a world-class, transit-oriented community with new retail, public amenities, and high-density housing and job centers, all linked by bicycle and pedestrian facilities. 

Objective Design Standards 

The City is embarking on an effort to update its multi-family and mixed-use design standards in order to achieve high-quality development. The new standards will be objective, meaning they would not be subject to interpretation, consistent with State law requirements.  

Hillside Specific Plan

The City has received an application for development of residential uses in the portion of the Hillside Area with a zoning designation of “Agriculture”, which triggers the requirement for preparation of a Specific Plan per Policy 51 of the HAP and Measure II.  The application also includes development of additional residential uses in the area above the Seven Hills neighborhood.  The City provided an informational update to the City Council on November 10, 2020 regarding the application and the process moving forward. Click here to access the City Council staff report. The City is currently in the process of bringing on a consultant to assist with preparation of the Specific Plan. 

Adopted Long Range Documents 

2040 General Plan

The General Plan is a long-range planning document that serves as the City’s “constitution” for future development. It represents the community’s vision for the next 15 to 25 years. 

511 Specific Plan

The 511 Specific Plan is a long-rage planning document that serves to guide development in the 511 are so that it is compatible with the physical and environmental issues unique to the area.

Old Alvarado Design Guidelines 

The Old Alvarado Design Guidelines is a planning document that serves to enhance the historical pattern development seen and protect the Historical Buildings seen in the Old Alvarado Historic District. 

Hillside Area Plan

The Hillside Area Plan is a long-range planning document that serves to recognize the unique character of the study area and to guide and regulate development in a manner which protects and enhances the area's natural resources, while also allowing for an appropriate level of development in the area.

Bike and Ped Master Plan

The purpose of the 2021 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan is to identify infrastructure projects and encouragement programs that make Union City a place where walking, biking, and rolling is safe, convenient, and fun for people of all ages.