The Blotter Highlights ending July 17, 2022

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rosa 220709002On Saturday, July 8th, just after midnight, K9 Officer Canjura conducted a vehicle stop on Ellen Way and Deborah Drive.  When she contacted the driver, he tried to provide a false name but was recognized from previous encounters.  As Officer Canjura began searching the driver, she discovered a loaded semiautomatic pistol concealed under his waistband. The driver then began to violently fight with officers but was eventually taken into custody.  Officers arrested the driver for the gun charges, resisting arrest, and providing a false name.

On Friday, July 8th, at approximately 6:00 p.m., Officer Fordham conducted an enforcement stop near James Logan High School.  During a search, he found more than 12 grams of suspected methamphetamine and over 6 grams of fentanyl in the suspect's pockets.  The suspect was placed under arrest for possession of narcotics and a controlled substance. 


On Wednesday, July 6th, at approximately 10:30 p.m., officers responded to an assault on Medallion Drive and Whipple Road.  The suspect approached the victim while sitting in her car and began yelling at her.  The victim's husband intervened, and the suspect reacted by pulling out a large hatchet and swinging it at the husband's head.  The victim blocked the blow with his arm and consequently sustained a large cut to his forearm.  The suspect, a Black female in her twenties, ran into the apartment complex and was not found by officers.  


On Monday, July 11th, at approximately 10:15 p.m., Officer Spencer initiated a traffic stop on 6th Street and Whipple Road.  Instead of yielding, the driver turned off the vehicle's headlights and fled from him.  The suspect stopped at Tamarack Drive and Sumac Street, exited the car, and attempted to flee on foot, but Officer Spencer quickly detained him until cover officers arrived.  The juvenile suspect was ultimately released on a citation for evading a police officer and driving while unlicensed. 


On Friday, July 15th, at approximately 3:20 a.m., officers were dispatched to a vehicle collision at the intersection of Decoto Road and Perry Road.  Once on scene, officers found the vehicle had crashed into a pole, and the driver was injured.  The driver displayed objective signs of being under the influence and admitted to consuming alcohol earlier in the evening.  Officers placed the female driver under arrest for DUI. 

On Saturday, July 16th, after midnight, Officer Moya located a vehicle stopped at a green light near the onramp of 880 and Industrial Blvd. When he checked the car, he found the driver was passed out behind the wheel.  Eventually, the driver woke up and was placed under arrest for DUI. 

On Saturday, July 16th, at approximately 11:00 p.m., officers responded to a vehicle collision on Dyer Street and Union City Boulevard. Officers found the car and contacted the driver, who displayed objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication and was subsequently placed under arrest for DUI. 



From Monday, July 4th, to Sunday, July 17th, there was one residential burglary reported. 


From Monday, July 4th, to Sunday, July 17th, there were five reported commercial burglaries. 


From Monday, July 4th, to Sunday, July 17th, there were twenty reported auto burglaries.  Six of the burglaries occurred at the Union Landing shopping center, and the rest were in residential areas. 

From Monday, July 4th, to Sunday, July 17th, there were fifteen reported vehicle thefts. As of the time of this report, eight of the vehicles have been recovered. 



As a reminder, never leave items of value inside your vehicle! Please see this alert with safety tips on how to prevent auto burglaries and thefts:


There has been an increase in reports of package and catalytic converter thefts, the following links provide information on how to protect yourself.

Anyone with information on local crime or any of the listed incidents should contact the Investigations Division at 510-675-5275. Those wishing to remain anonymous can contact the tips line by calling 510-675-5207 or email Please note that messages left after regular business hours or on the weekend will not be received until the next business day. If you are calling to report a crime that is currently occurring, call 911.