Mental Health Resources






Youth and Family Services
Providing individuals and families short term counseling to improve family relationships, address academic or behavior issues, and provide support around crisis and traumatic events.  
8 - 24 years old 
Spanish / English
Decoto Resource Center
505 H Street
Union City, CA, 94587

Kennedy Youth Center
1333 Decoto Road
Union City, CA, 94587
(510) 675-5817

Tiburcio Vasquez Health CenterComprehensive medical, dental, mental health care, youth health services, community health education, family support services and women infants and children (WIC) nutrition services to low-income, limited.    

 18 years old and up
Spanish / English
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
33255 9th Street
Union City, CA, 94587
(510) 471-5907
Monday - Friday, 8:00pm - 5:00pm

James Logan High School Clinic 
TVHC Youth Health Services

1800 H Street Room 80
Union City, CA, 94587
(510) 690-6044 
Monday & Wednesday
8:00am - 12:00pm 
& 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Pathways to WellnessProvides:
  • Psychiatric Evaluation/Assessment
  • Medication Management/Support Services and Prescription
  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  • Intensive Case Management Services
Staffed by psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses, licensed clinicians, and other professional mental health staff.

18 years old and up
English (Interpreters are provided if needed)
2608 Central Avenue
Suite #1
Union City, CA, 94587
(510) 675-0600

MaristanMaristan strives to revive the Islamic legacy of research and education that informs holistic healing and provides culturally and spiritually congruent, professional, accessible, and affordable mental health care for all. We offer a mental health therapy clinic that takes insurance, offers sliding scale and financial aid. We also offer free healing circles, community workshops and trainings on mental health.

All agesEnglish, Arabic, Farsi,Dari,Pashto,
(510) 380-7229

The Khalil CenterThe Khalil Center welcomes people from all walks of life to seek services at our clinic, while providing a special focus on cultural- and faith-competent care for those who identify as Muslim, Middle Eastern, and South Asian, given the mental health stigmas and special issues faced by these communities. Provides professional counseling, psychotherapy, workshops, and groups.18 years old and upEnglish, Arabic, Urdu30669 Union City Blvd.
Union City, CA, 94587
(408) 758-0960


La FamiliaLa Familia offers a wide range of mental health and community services. They can help you work thorough difficult emotions, and experiences, create new habits, and find a route that gets you where you want to be.  All agesEnglish / Spanish24301 Southland Drive, Suite 300
Hayward, CA 94545

Centro de ServiciosCentro is open to everyone who is struggling or in crisis.  Centro provide social services to low-income residents of Union City and neighboring cities.  If they don’t provide a necessary service in-house, they call on their extensive network of partners to help clients establish the right connections that lead to solutions.    All agesEnglish / Spanish525 “H” Street or
33750 6th Street
Union City, CA, 94587
(510) 489-4100    

Union City Family Center (UCFC)UCFC is a central hub where families can receive essential services. It is uniquely positioned to serve students and families while filling the gap of needed services within the city limits. Such as:   school-based supports, nutrition, health, daily needs.Toddler and upEnglish / Spanish725 Whipple Road
Union City, CA, 94587
(510) 476-2770

988If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or in suicide crisis, help is available. The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is a United States-based suicide prevention network of over 200+ crisis centers that provides 24/7 service via a toll-free hotline with the number 9-8-8.     All agesMany languagesCall or text 988