Patrol Division

The Union City Police Department’s Patrol Division provides patrol services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will prioritize responses to requests for emergency and non-emergency services using available resources to enhance the safety of the public and department members. The Patrol Division also enforces traffic laws and provides high visibility crime prevention. 


The Patrol Division falls under the Field Operations Division.  The Patrol Division is made-up of four (4) Police Lieutenants (Watch Commanders), eight (8) Police Sergeants, eight (8) Field Training Officers, three (3) K-9 Officers and 30 Patrol Officers. The Patrol Division is supported by Public Service Officers, Community Service Aides, and Police Cadets. The Patrol Division takes great pride in working with the community to develop positive relationships.   

For patrol operational purposes, the Union City Police Department currently splits the city into two patrol zones, which are separated by Interstate 880. Zone 4 is east of the interstate and Zone 5 is west of the interstate. Patrol officers are assigned to a Zone where they conduct Patrol Operations. 

Street supervisors (Sergeants) cover both zones and provide supervisory oversight for Patrol Operations.  

Watch Commanders (Lieutenants) have managerial oversight of the entire city.