The Investigations Unit is comprised of two sergeants and seven detectives who are responsible for conducting investigations of all criminal offenses within the jurisdiction of Union City.  Through use of innovative investigative strategies, coordination with other agencies, and analysis of criminal intelligence, we strive to solve cases efficiently and develop intelligence to prevent or disrupt ongoing crime trends. 


Semi-Permanent Detective  

The semi-permanent detective is the primary investigator on major and complex cases such as homicides, rapes, and inter-agency investigations.  Unlike the other positions in the unit, the Semi-Permanent detective can serve indefinitely in order to facilitate expertise, training of new detectives, and consistency in operations. The semi-permanent detective also serves as an acting supervisor in the absence of the sergeants. 

Specialized Positions

The specialized detective positions are robbery, burglary, sexual assaults, and fraud. Each of these specialized detectives are the primary investigators for any of the crime types associated to their positions.  They receive additional training to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities particularized to their assignments. 

General Detective

To provide flexibility and respond to the dynamic nature of crime trends, there are two additional general assignment detectives who are assigned to crimes based on the current needs of the unit. 

Crime Analyst 

The Crime Analyst conducts research and analysis of a wide array of sources of information to identify trends, recognize patterns, and determine correlations.  This process is then used to create reports and other information products to aid in the investigation of crimes, tailor patrol and enforcement efforts, and to forecast future needs based on emerging issues.  The Crime Analyst then tailors and disseminates the information to the various sections within the police department in order to provide the most useful information, while reducing information that is not necessary or relevant.