K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit was established to assist and supplement the Field Operation Division in providing police services to the community. The primary responsibilities of the K-9 Unit are to serve as backup/support units, assist department members in carrying out their assigned duties, and supplement police operations to locate and apprehend criminal offenders. 


The K-9 Unit consists of three (3) K-9/handler teams and two (2) supervisors. Our K-9 typically performs the following duties: 

  • Searching for dangerous suspects 
  • Conducting building searches 
  • Providing direct assistance to patrol officers on a variety of different calls for service, and 
  • Providing demonstrations to various community organizations  

Retired Police K-9s

K-9 Drigon Officer Holbrook and K-9 Drigon (1994-1997) 
K-9 Voss Badge-2Officer Dalisay and K-9 Voss (1994-1999)
k-9 RommelSergeant Packard and K-9 Rommel (1996-2001)
IngoOfficer Holbrook and K-9 Ingo (1997-1999)
k-9 AriOfficer Rodrigues and Ari (1999-2005)
k-9 GusOfficer Holbrook and K-9 Gus (2000-2003)   
K-9_GriefOfficer Pini and Greif (2003-2008)
Officer Kensic K9 Axl 2004-2010Officer Kensic and K-9 Axl (2004-2014)
Officer Baumgartner K9 Edy 2008-2014Officer Baumgartner and Edy (2008-2014)
Officer Chris Leete and K-9 Marx 2010-2016Officer Leete and K-9 Marx (2010-2016)
05362728-b007-496b-b8ab-bdf53adf3908Officer Geldermann and K-9 Dio (2014-2017)
Willson AceOfficer Willson and K-9 Ace (2016-2021)
Officer Blanchard K9 Max 2016-2022Officer Blanchard and K-9 Max (2016-2022)
k-9 FrancoOfficer Olson and K-9 Franco (2019-2021)