District Policing

District Policing model is a Policing Management style in which the police department manages the entire city.  District Policing allows us to break up the city into smaller areas, known as Districts.  We believe the smaller districts will improve our ability to interact and understand the needs of the community. This plan will increase patrol accountability and beat knowledge, improve early identification of emerging criminal and community problems, and foster increased communication and information sharing with those we serve.

There are four (4) Patrol Lieutenants, also known as Watch Commanders. In addition to their Watch Commanders duties, under District Policing plan, each Patrol Lieutenant is assigned a specific District.  There are four (4) Districts within Union City.  

The Police Districts mirror established City Council Election District Boundaries. For an interactive map, please click here and unselect previous boundary outlines: 

The District Commander (Lieutenant) is responsible for the following within their districts, understanding crime trends in their district, developing crime suppression and deterrence strategies, identifying critical infrastructure, and developing response plans where appropriate, development and management of community engagement efforts, and to building relationships with prominent community leaders within their district.  

With a dedicated District Commander, we are hopeful that we will see positive results in the following areas:  

  • Early identification of emerging criminal and community problems  
  • Effective and efficient deployment of resources 
  • Increase accountability and specialized knowledge of Districts 
  • Foster increased communication and information sharing with stakeholder


UnionCityDistrict map