2023 Fireworks Sales Permit Application

Fireworks Sales Permit Eligibility Pre-Application (for new applicants)

The City of Union City is accepting eligibility pre-applications from local nonprofit organizations to fill one vacant Fireworks Sales Permit. Pursuant to Chapter 7.26 of the Municipal Code, eligible nonprofit organizations must apply for and be issued a permit from the City for the sale of State-approved fireworks (also known as “Safe and Sane Fireworks”) as defined by California Health and Safety Code Section 12529.

Pursuant to Resolution No. 5844-21, permits shall be filled by an impartial drawing supervised by the Permit Administrator if the number of new applicants exceeds the number of vacancies. Interested parties are required to submit the eligibility pre-application below to qualify for the impartial drawing. The selected organization will be in first position to receive the permit and will need to complete and submit a full permit application by May 1, 2023, to secure the permit.

In order to submit a pre-application and full permit application, nonprofits will need to work with a fireworks distributor/vendor to secure a stand location, State fireworks sales permit, product, and satisfy other requirements that are specific to the vendor. Please contact a fireworks vendor prior to submitting a pre-application. 

Fireworks wholesale vendors currently operating in Union City include:

Phantom FireworksTNT Fireworks
Contact: Suzette Rosales, Account Manager
Email: srosales@fireworks.com
Phone: (916) 870-9002

Contact: Milton Broussard, Area Manager
Email: broussardm@tntfireworks.com
Phone: (916) 704-3473

Should the number of new applicants exceed the number of vacancies, an impartial drawing will be conducted on April 3, 2023. To qualify for the drawing, please complete and submit the pre-application form below with all requested documents to fireworks@unioncity.org no later than Friday, March 31, 2023, at 5:00 PM PST.

Please contact the Permit Administrator at fireworks@unioncity.org if you have any questions. 

Eligibility Criteria

Please review the eligibility criteria below. If your organization fails to comply with any or all the eligibility criteria listed below, your organization’s eligibility pre-application will be automatically rejected.

1. The following are qualified to obtain a permit to sell safe and sane fireworks in the City of Union City (the “City”) pursuant to Resolution No. 5844-21:

a. Any non-profit association, religious, charity or corporation organized primarily for veteran, patriotic, welfare, civic betterment and/or charitable purposes having active 501(c)(3) status or corporations which have obtained tax exempt status from the State Franchise Tax Board under Section 27301(b), (d), (f), (g), or (l) of the Revenue and Taxation Code; or

b. An organization affiliated with and officially recognized by a school district that services in whole or in part the residents of Union City or a religious non-profit school located within the boundaries of Union City.

2. Eligible non-profit organizations must maintain a bona fide membership of at least 20 members, 50% of members must be Union City residents, and the organization must be organized and established within Union City for a minimum of one year continually prior to filing an application for a permit to sell safe and sane fireworks.

3. Only one organization per non-profit identification number and only one organization per school district/religious non-profit school shall receive a permit unless the organization received a permit prior to the effective date of City Council Resolution No. 2537-03. Such organizations are permitted to reapply for and renew permits for the ensuing years until the organization fails to apply for any one year or otherwise fails to comply with these Fireworks Regulations or any provisions of the Union City Municipal Code.

Fireworks Sales Permit Application (for current permittees)

The full fireworks sales permit application is available below. Permit applications will be accepted by the City from April 1, 2023, to May 1, 2023. Permit applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM PST on May 1, 2023.