Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) Unit

The primary goals of the COPPS Unit are to reinforce a department-wide COPPS philosophy and assume the central role of engaging the community to work on long-term strategies to reduce crime, resolve neighborhood complaints, and improve the quality of life in Union City. Through community engagement, addressing causes of crime and quality of life issues, and leveraging a cooperative effort by various entities, the COPPS Unit will foster holistic responses to problems and issues that align with contemporary policing strategies and provide our officers additional tools beyond enforcement, to serve and protect our community.   

The City of Union City has authorized the COPPS Unit to be comprised of one (1) Sergeant, two (2) Officers, and one (1) Community Coordinator. The COPPS Unit is currently staffed with a Sergeant and a Community Coordinator. We anticipate filling the other authorized positions as staffing supports. 

The following programs and strategies will be the responsibility of the COPPS Unit: 

  • Community events and engagement 
  • Neighborhood Watch/Business Watch 
  • Community Health Action Team (CHAT) 
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 
  • Tobacco/Alcohol Decoy operations           
  • COPPS projects / POP project  
  • Crime Free Program
  • Trespass Loitering Program 
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Liaison with other Organizations and Resources
  • Driving Department-wide COPPS philosophy 

Community Coordinator

The Union City Police Department's Community Coordinator is responsible for developing and coordinating the department's social media and community engagement strategy and programs. The Community Coordinator's mission is to build strong relationships between the police department and the community it serves by performing duties such as:

  • Communicating, engaging, and advising the community of current events through social media.
  • Coordinating and hosting community events
  • Facilitating neighborhood watch meetings.