Cybersecurity Matters To Everyone

The goal of cybersecurity is to protect people, networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and ensure there is confidence when sharing information.

90% Of Cyberattacks Can Be Avoided

The Best Way to Prevent Cyberattacks is through Awareness and Education

Union City is a Smart City

As a Smart City, the city of Union City strives to optimize the interaction of city services and it's residents, businesses, and visitors. To accomplish this, Union City utilizes advanced technologies such as the Internet, webpages, operational technologies, and email for communications and delivering essential services to its business community and residents. The Cybersecurity Manager position was created in 2023 within the Information Technology Department, with the goal to reduce cyber risks to the Union City government infrastructure, and protect our digital and online presence and activities.

Primary Cybersecurity Services

  • Manage cybersecurity risk to the city of Union City
  • Advise city officials on cybersecurity and data privacy matters
  • Work with the Information Technology Department to implement appropriate technological, administrative, and compensating controls needed to secure Union City's Infrastructure and critical services
  • Continuously assess and improve the Union City's ability to detect cyber security events, contain and eradicate compromises to security, and restore information resources to a secure and operational status
  • Monitor new and evolving cybersecurity threats, bad actors, and malicious activity
  • Provide and promote cybersecurity awareness, education, best practices, and recommendations to Union City residents and businesses
  • Support overall city efforts during disaster recovery operations

October is a scary month

Don't let cyber risks scare you even more...


The Good News is...

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

 Please visit our Cybersecurity Awareness Month page for 31 daily tips to keep your family, business, and information secure.