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Lets Make Union City Cyber-secure

Businesses, especially small business are prime targets of cyber criminals. A cyberattack from malware or a data breach can be devastating and have long lasting consequences to a business. Business must ensure their employees are educated on expected cyber threats like phishing emails and how to avoid this. Additionally, businesses must invest in adequate security products and/or services to protect their and customer data.

Typical risks to businesses from cyberattacks include:

Financial Losses
Near-term costs include remediation expenses to stop and recover from a cyberattack such as hiring cybersecurity consultants, investigations, replacing applications and systems, and possibly paying ransoms. Longer-term expenses may involve lost revenue due to downtime, public relations, and legal fees and fines.

Reputation Damage
A cyberattack may significantly damage a company’s reputation - especially if the company was found to be careless or ignore basic cybersecurity recommendations that result in a data breach. Customers and partners may likely have a loss of trust to the business making it difficult to attract new customers and/or investors.

Operational Disruptions
Business operations drive revenue. Business experiencing a cyberattack, may find it difficult or impossible to deliver products and services. Cyberattacks may cause severs operational disruptions, from system downtime or critical data not being available.

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