Union City Boulevard Bike Lanes Project

The project will reconstruct the existing median area to accommodate a new buffered Class II bike lanes with a 4-foot buffered separation on Union City Boulevard (UCB) from Smith Street to the southern City limits at the Alameda County Flood Control Channel Bridge, approximately 2.4 miles in length. This Bike Lane Project will:

  • Complete the Bay Trail gap between UCB Bike Lanes MapSmith Street and Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel Bridge (Fremont City Limits)
  • Serve as Union City’s Bay Trail  
  • Improve overall bike access to local parks, trails, regional trails (Alameda Creek Trail & Bay Trail) and East Bay Regional Parks (Coyote Hills, Quarry Lakes, and Ardenwood Historic Farm) 
  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian access to and from Delaine Eastin Elementary School on Rocklin Drive
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle crossings at signalized intersections with “Complete Streets” design.  
  • Modify Dyer St. southeast corner.
  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety with additional corridor lighting.
  • Upgrade the roadway pavement. 
  • Provide enhanced landscaped areas.
  • Reduce flooding areas with improved roadway drainage system.

Project Improvements

UCB Proposed vs Existing Graphic

  • UCB Modified Complete Streets GraphicReconstruct median to accommodate new buffered Class II lanes in both directions.
  • Modify to meet “Complete Streets” intersections design (traffic signal upgrade, striping and signing) 
  • Construct new Class I multi-use path on west side of UCB from Lowry to Rocklin for students. 
  • Install Speed Feedback Signs (to slow down traffic)
  • Install additional streetlights to improve lighting for pedestrians & bikes. 
  • Upgrade the pavement surface for better rideability. 
  • Install new storm drains inlets to reduce flooding. 
  • Construct water quality basins to treat storm runoff before it flows into the Bay.
  • Install new landscaping at various locations.
  • Reduce traffic noise by moving vehicles closer to landscaped median, away from sidewalk and reconstructing and overlaying the road surface.  


PhaseDates (estimated)

Complete Final Design

November 2023 

Advertise and Award

November 2023 – February 2024

Begin Construction 

March 2024

Complete Construction 

November 2025*


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Type of FundingPhaseAmount ($)

Alameda CTC - Measure BB



Other Local Funding



Alameda CTC - Measure BB



Alameda CTC - CMA TIP



Alameda CTC – TFCA  



SB1 & Gas Tax






Other Local Funding