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Posted on: January 2, 2018

New Cannabis Laws as of January 1, 2018

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California voter-approved Proposition 64 and SB 94 has paved the way for new cannabis laws that took effect on January 1, 2018. Here is what you need to know about the law:

  • You can’t smoke or consume cannabis anywhere in public, including in parked vehicles, parks, workplaces, restaurant/bars, etc.
  • You can’t smoke or consume cannabis and drive.
  • You can’t drive while under the influence of cannabis.
  • You can’t possess an open container of cannabis in a vehicle.
  • You can’t use cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school, youth center or daycare while children are present.
  • You must be 21 or older to use or possess adult-use (recreational) cannabis.
  • You can’t consume or possess cannabis on federal land, like a national park in California.
  • You can’t sell cannabis unless you are licensed to do so.
  • If you are 21 or older, you can buy and possess up to one ounce of cannabis and up to eight grams of concentrated cannabis from a licensed retail outlet.
  • If you are 21 or older, you can grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use at your private residence - either indoors, outdoors or a mix of both.
  • If you currently rent, you must have written landlord approval to engage in personal cultivation.
  • The cultivation shall not be accessible to minors.
  • Outdoor cannabis cultivation is only permitted in a rear or side yard that is entirely enclosed by a solid, opaque fence at least six feet high that is associated with a private residence or an accessory dwelling unit.
  • Outdoor cannabis cultivation is not allowed at a residence where minors reside.

Violations of the law will result in enforcement by Union City Police. Residents are encouraged to report illegal growing, possession or consumption by calling Union City Police non-emergency line at 510-471-1365. You can also send us a tip at 510-675-5207 or by email at 

The California Department of Public Health has launched a new website called "Let's Talk Cannabis" where you can find additional information on the law and the risks of cannabis use. 

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