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City News

Posted on: October 9, 2019

Public Safety Power Shutoff Update: PG&E Delays Shutoff Until 8:00PM on 10/9.

As we prepare for the Public Safety Power Shutoff, we want to make sure we update you again on the situation. PG&E still anticipates that neighborhoods on the eastside of the City will be impacted by the power shutoff. However, we ask that all residents be prepared (just in case). Despite the frequent issues with the PG&E website, it is still the best place to get information on what neighborhoods will be impacted. 

PG&E has delayed the power shutoff until 8:00PM Wednesday night. We have no information about when power will be restored. 

We urge you to sign up for emergency alerts through the following methods: 

  • Sign up for emergency alerts with Alameda County at By signing up for this, you can receive text and email alerts regarding this power shutoff and all future emergencies (such as, earthquakes, fires, severe weather events, etc).

  • Text 94587 to 888777 to receive local public safety alerts from the Union City Police Department. You can also sign up by visiting 

  • Make sure your contact information is updated with PG&E so you can receive emergency alerts through them. Here is the website: 

Be sure to follow the City on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor for updates. Also, go to to learn about ways you can prepare and get you and your family through this shutoff and future shutoffs. 

It is anticipated that power to City Hall will be shutoff. While the shutoff will not impact Police and Fire, we may close City Hall during the power shutoff due to the significant impact to administrative services.

We ask that you do not call 911 to report your power shutoff, as we want to keep these lines open for emergency cases only. 

We urge the public to drive through the impacted areas today with extreme caution, especially at intersections and in the area of railroad crossings. We anticipate that street lights and traffic signals will be impacted by the power shutoff.

Since PG&E anticipates the eastside of the City being impacted by the shutoff, the public can assume that traffic signals in the areas of Mission Boulevard, Decoto Road and Alvarado Niles Road will likely be impacted. If a signal light is out, drivers are required to stop at the intersection before proceeding.

During this power shutoff, there is the potential that all the warning gates along the two Union Pacific railroad tracks may default to “safe-mode” and remain in the down position closing the street crossings at Decoto Road, I Street, H Street and E Street. Public Works is monitoring all major streets and traffic patterns throughout the Public Safety Power Shut Off.

We are all going through this event together. We appreciate your patience. Please be sure to talk with your neighbors and elderly friends and family to check in on them. Share resources with one another. Continue to have a plan in place. 

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